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About us

For long time WebSys,s.r.o. has been creating value and quaility on the web.

At the beginning we were concerned mainly in in PHP coding and work with databases. Later on we have started to create webdesign also. Momentary the WebSys offers complex solution for a web presentation starting from WebDesign to estabilish the working dynamic web itself with SEO optimalization.


Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. It's mandatory that your site be built to be very search engine friendly and to include a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign. This helps your site rank very well on the search engines, drawing people and potential clients to your web site.


WebSys is more than just your average Web Design Company. Our goal is to help your business get noticed and grow!




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Custom WebDesign

Is the skill of creating presentations of content. We do create a concept and functional solutions and appearance of your web habitat, which will be fully capable for displaying and interpretation by web browsers.

The process of designing and creating contains :

  •  Scripting (PHP, JavaScript, AJAX...)
  •  Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle...)
  •  Multimedia
  •  Styles (CSS)
  •  Markup languages (HTML, XHTML...)

SEO techniques

Improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. Using legitimate technique to increase readibility of the web, the correct and logic structure. Effective optimalization needs to proceed a changes in HTML code, that is why those techniques are used during the predesign.


Multimedia platform for adding an interactivity and animation to webpages and it's components by using ActionScript, and serves to create rich internet application.

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